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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Being a geographically small country, Portugal has learnt from the past to broaden the horizons by travelling around the world, meeting New Worlds and New People. This spirit is represented in the congress’ image. This legacy persists nowadays in the way we welcome those who come to visit us.

Leaving lockdown times after the pandemic, we are recovering in 2022 the ESGE Annual Congress we have lost in 2020. Lisbon has been waiting for you for 2 years!

Minimally Invasive Surgery will be an important keystone of high value care in Health Care systems. Gynecological Endoscopy must stand at its best in these challenging days. Therefore we all will have to make Excellence a habit!

The Scientific committee has planned a Programme to contribute to the excellence of knowledge in Gynecological Endoscopy.

The Programme will include Pre-Congress Courses, Live surgical sessions, GESEA Certification exams and some new and exciting additions to be announced later.

But, as we know that joining us and sharing your experience is truly essential to achieve the excellence that we expect for this meeting, we warmly welcome you in Lisbon.

Yours sincerely

Prof. Giovanni Scambia
ESGE President
Dr. Luís Ferreira Vicente
Congress President
Dr. António Setúbal
Honorary Congress President
Prof. Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo
Scientific Chair
Prof. Vasilios Tanos
Scientific Chair

Congress Greetings from our invited speaker Dr. Lubomir Mikulasek, CZ"

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