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Pre-Congress Courses

Pre-Congress Courses

Sunday, 6th October 2019

09:00 - 17:30 PC Course 1 Endometriosis
09:00 - 18:00 PC Course 2 Access to Pelvic Sidewall (followed by Cadaveric Dissection Demonstration)
08:30 - 18:00 PC Course 3 Neuropelveology (followed by Cadaveric Dissection Demonstration)
08:30 - 17:00 PC Course 4 How to optimise ultrasound imaging to guide endoscopic surgery
09:00 - 17:30 PC Course 5 Step-by step techniques for diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy:
from outpatient setting to OR
14:00 - 18:00 PC Course 6 Cadaveric Dissection Demonstration

Please note that a registration for the Pre-Congress Courses is required. A course registration fee applies.

The participation in the Pre-Congress Courses is only possible for registered participants of the ESGE Annual Congress.


Descriptions Pre-Congress Courses

Pre-Congress Course 1: Endometriosis – A practical approach with step by step demonstration of techniques in diagnostics and surgical treatment

This Pre-Congress Course is designed to provide practical guidance to clinicians for the diagnosis and treatment of different forms of endometriosis. Step-by-step demonstration of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches will be supported by video clips. Ample time has been allocated to discussion for interaction between the delegates and the faculty.

Pre-Congress Course 2: Access to Pelvic Sidewall (followed by Cadaveric Dissection Demonstration)

The course will provide a step by step approach to opening the pelvic sidewall and address all the different dissections necessary for oncologic surgery: How to identify and dissect the ureter, how to find the origin of the uterine artery, how to dissect the obturator nerve, how to perform pelvic lymphadenectomy etc. while avoiding complications at all cost. Short movies will be provided and pitfalls discussed. Troubleshooting will be an important aspect. The course will also handle the different indications of accessing the pelvic side wall in laparoscopic oncology with a thorough review of the literature discussing the actual standard of care and providing the vision of the future for the management of the different gynecological malignancies.
The course will be useful for laparoscopic surgeons who have mastered standard hysterectomy and would like to take their surgery one step further. Though addressing oncologic procedures, moving safely through the structures of the pelvic sidewall will help during all difficult surgeries, including difficult hysterectomies, difficult myomectomies and endometriosis-cases
The relevant anatomy will be demonstrated in the live cadaveric dissection session in the afternoon (see Pre-Congress Course 6).

Pre-Congress Course 3: Neuropelveology (followed by Cadaveric Dissection Demonstration)

Neuropelveology is a fast developing field amongst pelvic surgeons. Pelvic nerves are relevant to all surgeons who operate in the pelvic retroperitoneal space. This course will cover the theoretical and practical aspects of the relevant conditions and their management such as nerve sparing endometriosis surgery, decompression pain and pelvic nerve entrapments. It will also cover the most recent developments on innovative techniques such as the LION procedure and neuromodulation for the management of paraplegia, overactive bladder and chronic pelvic pain. The background anatomy will be described in theoretical lectures and demonstrated in the live cadaveric dissection in the afternoon (see Pre-Congress Course 6).

Pre-Congress Course 4: How to optimise ultrasound imaging to guide endoscopic surgery

This course will provide each participant the necessary skills in transvaginal ultrasound scanning to adequately assess the pelvic organs and to identify the presence and extent of gynaecologic pathology prior to the indicated surgical treatment. Starting with the basic principles of sonography, how to utilize various buttons on the machine to obtain the best 3D and Doppler images, the participants will learn how to best visualize the uterus, adnexa and surrounding pelvic structures, their position, their mobility and the absence or presence of adhesions. Great emphasis will be given to learn how ultrasound findings can best prepare the gynaecologic surgeons for a more complete surgery, especially in the management of myomectomies, uterine metroplasty and deep pelvic infiltrative endometriosis.

Pre-Congress Course 5: Step-by step techniques for diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy: from outpatient setting to OR

This Pre-Congress Course will address the main training and practical aspects of safe and effective diagnostic and operative hysteroscopic surgery. It will focus on the rationale for ambulatory and OR surgery, current cutting edge technologies and evidence-based practical guidelines for best practice and service set-up. Specific procedures, techniques and protocols will be discussed including hysteroscopic polypectomy, myomectomy, adhesiolysis, and treatment of mullerian anomalies Lectures and video-sessions will be given by international experts in hysteroscopy and adequate time for interaction will be allowed to enable delegates to gain the most from the programme.


Pre-Congress Course 6: Cadaveric Dissection Demonstration

This half-day course will be an opportunity for pelvic surgeons to observe a systematic dissection of the pelvic retroperitoneal spaces. The faculty will demonstrate the relevant dissections to aid oncological procedures and demonstrate the uterine artery at its origin, ureter, and the pelvic nerves. The delegates have the option of registering to Pre-Congress Course 2 or Pre-Congress Course 3 for a full-day course, or this half-day cadaveric dissection demonstration in the afternoon.

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