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Sponsors & Exhibitors List


  • Country: Austria
  • Stand No.: 35

A.M.I. Agency for Medical Innovations is a European medical technology manufacturer which develops, produces and distributes medical products in the fields of Urogynecology, Urology and Coloproctology. With a wide portfolio for treating Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) and Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), A.M.I. provides an advanced pelvic floor repair system including a variety of meshes and slings. In addition, with i-Cut and More-Cell-System A.M.I. offers a genius symbiosis for in-bag morcellation and controlled power morcellation in laparoscopic surgery.
Take the opportunity to learn more about A.M.I. Solutions for Urogynecology!
We are looking forward to a successful ESGE 2022!
The A.M.I. Team

Applied Medical Europe B.V.

  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Stand No.: 27

As a new generation medical device company, Applied Medical is committed to improving the affordability and accessibility of high-quality healthcare. We are proud to have a significant and sustainable impact on healthcare by delivering technologies that enhance clinical care and satisfy the pressing economic needs of our customers.
As a result of our dedication to our customers, we are a leading provider of breakthrough technologies for minimally invasive and general surgery, as well as cardiac, vascular, urologic, colorectal, bariatric, obstetric and gynecologic specialties.

Arthrex GmbH

  • Country: Germany
  • Stand No.: 8b

Arthrex is a privately-held medical device company and global leader in minimally-invasive surgery. Arthrex Endoscopy focuses on gynecologic and general surgery with a dedication of Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better.
Arthrex has revolutionized the imaging market with SynergyUHD4, the world’s first multidisciplinary 4K camera with 4K video imaging, a high-output LED light source, and an image management system, all integrated into one device controlled easily via tablet. Arthrex continues this success story with its latest imaging system, SynergyID. SynergyID combines the world’s first 4-chip 4K camera head and a system that marries state-of-the-art 4K visualization with superior fluorescence imaging to see more than ever before.


  • Country: Germany
  • Stand No.: 10

Aesculap is a reliable partner for all treatment concepts in minimally invasive surgery. Whether with visualization, surgical instruments or suture materials, the company strives for innovations which result in medical advances. Since 1976, Aesculap belongs to the B. Braun Group and is thus part of a family-run group with over 64,000 employees in 64 countries.
B. Braun is one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical products and services. Through constructive dialog, B. Braun develops high quality product systems and services that are both evolving and progressive - and in turn improves people's health around the world.


  • Country: Germany
  • Stand No.: 15

BioRegen Biomedical (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.

  • Country: China
  • Stand No.: 28

Established: 2008 · Location: Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
Medical applications using HA based biomaterials

Our Vision: To become a respectable global biomedical company, providing leading technology products and professional services to patients and doctors Core technology: Advanced Self-crosslinked and Biomimetic Hydrogels

Extensive Medical Applications in GYN/OB
-HyaRegen®……Prevention of pelvic and abdominal adhesions
-MateRegen®……Prevention of intrauterine adhesion, improve endometrial quality and pragnancy rate
-Outstanding product features
-Crosslinked hydrogel without crosslinking reagent used
-Fully cyto-compatibility and in vivo biocompatibility
-Tailored biodegradability at controlled rate simulated the in vivo environment


  • Country: Germany
  • Stand No.: 18

BOWA MEDICAL offers individual solutions for all your gynaecological surgery needs. We aim to provide techniques that offer an indication-specific added value, work efficiently and contribute to cost reduction.

We have been promoting training centres in the field of gynecology for years. BOWA MEDICAL is committed to supporting and further developing gynaecological intraoperative techniques, such as morcellation of benign tissue. For this purpose, BOWA MEDICAL offers products with clinical relevance.

Channel Medsystems, Inc.

  • Country: USA
  • Stand No.: 2

Channel Medsystems’ mission is to empower every woman to take control of her health journey and live her best life. Channel strives to develop easy-to-use, safe, and cost-effective medical devices, resulting in exceptional outcomes and superior patient comfort that are accessible to all women. The company’s technology, Cerene® Cryotherapy, is a well-tolerated in-office endometrial ablation treatment that safely and effectively reduces heavy menstrual bleeding, while preserving uterine cavity access for future diagnostic evaluations.


  • Country: USA
  • Stand No.: 3

CooperSurgical is driven to advance the care of women, babies and families around the world. We believe in empowering individuals and healthcare professionals in making health and life choices. We are trusted by clinicians worldwide for products, technologies and services that support a wide range of reproductive solutions, from contraception to fertility and preventative and therapeutic gynecological care.

FzioMed, Inc.

  • Country: USA
  • Stand No.: 17

FzioMed develops and commercializes absorbable surgical biomaterials based on its patented polymer science, for use in surgical applications including spine, orthopedics, tendon, peripheral nerve, gynecology and general surgery.
•Oxiplex® spine gel helps reduce adhesion formation and related symptoms such as pain.
•Oxiplex/AP® is designed for peritoneal surgery applications.
•Oxiplex/IU® serves to separate surgically traumatized opposing tissue surfaces in the uterine cavity.
•Dynavisc® is an adhesion barrier gel for tendon and peripheral nerve surgeries.

GE Healthcare

  • Country: Hungary
  • Stand No.: 8a

Gedeon Richter Plc., headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, is a major pharmaceutical company in Central Eastern Europe, with an expanding direct presence in Western Europe, China and Latin America. The product portfolio of Richter covers many important therapeutic areas, including Women's Healthcare, Neuroscience and Cardiovascular medicine. Having the largest R&D unit in Central Eastern Europe and building upon its original focus in CNS disorders and its widely acknowledged steroid chemistry expertise, Richter has also become a significant player in the Women's Healthcare field worldwide. Richter is also active in biosimilar product development.

Gynesonics Netherlands

  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Stand No.: 6


  • Country: Switzerland
  • Stand No.: 23

Intuitive (Nasdaq: ISRG), headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is a global technology leader in minimally invasive care and the pioneer of robotic-assisted surgery. Intuitive brings more than two decades of leadership in robotic-assisted surgical technology and solutions to its offerings, and develops, manufactures, and markets the da Vinci surgical system and the Ion endoluminal system. Intuitive Surgical Sàrl, located in Switzerland, is an affiliate of Intuitive Surgical, Inc. The company’s da Vinci surgical system was the first robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgical system to be cleared in the United States and is available in more than 67 countries.

Lamidey Noury Medical

  • Country: France
  • Stand No.: 14

Lamidey Noury Medical is the French leading manufacturer of electrosurgical solutions since 1947. Lamidey manufactures a full bipolar plasma resection system called: Plasma EDGE. We are launching major new products this year so please stop by our booth to discover them! The company DEX Surgical, French manufacturer of a Robotized Instruments for laparoscopic surgery join our booth.

LiNA Medical ApS

  • Country: Denmark
  • Stand No.: 12

LiNA Medical is dedicated to developing innovative and simple to use devices for minimally invasive gynecology that are designed to improve patient care.
LiNA manufactures the LiNA Librata™ cordless balloon ablation device, the LiNA Xcise™ cordless laparoscopic morcellator, the LiNA Bipolar Loop™ and LiNA Gold Loop™ for laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy, as well as the LiNA OperåScope™ single-use operative hysteroscopy system.


  • Country: France
  • Stand No.: 30

Nordic Pharma is a medium-sized international pharmaceutical company that focuses on the development and commercialization of niche hospital and orphan products to address unmet medical needs. Nordic Pharma’s expertise relies on the development and sales of its own products, but also on partner products acquired at various stages of development. Today, Nordic Pharma has a range of highly specialized proprietary and in-licensed products in the following therapeutic areas: Women’s Health, Rheumatology, and Critical care (Anaesthesia, Haematology, Oncology).

Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG

  • Country: Germany
  • Stand No.: 26

As your preferred partner in Gynecology, Olympus aims to provide you innovative energy solutions and trainings in laparoscopy and hysteroscopy such as the Laparoscopic Privilege Program or GET UP. Visit our website to find out more.

Pee Bee India Endoscopy

  • Country: India
  • Stand No.: 1

Established is 1999 PEE BEE INDIA ENDOSCOPY grew in just a few years with innovative ideas and professional products to become a dependable partner in the indian medical instruments market. The best materials and most modern techniques has made PEE BEE INDIA ENDOSCOPY well known name among the surgeons and specialists. Qualified technicians and engineers develop and manufacture precision medical instruments and equipment. With ever increasing knowledge and persistant drive to be the best in the field of endoscopy makes PEE BEE INDIA ENDOSCOPY an ideal partner for the future. We not only envision ourselves as a manufacturer, but also partners of our customers and surgeons who must rely on their skills and our quality instruments to get the job done.

PlantTec Medical

  • Country: Germany
  • Stand No.: 36

PlantTec Medical GmbH is an innovative company located in Lueneburg, Germany. Since 2010, PlantTec Medical is developing, producing and selling medical devices based on plant-based starting materials. Substances of animal or human origin are being replaced by modern technologies.
The first product PlantTec Medical has made market-ready is 4DryField® PH which is unique in its ingredients and dual functionality – CE-certified for adhesion prevention and hemostasis. Extremely efficient, easy to use and clinically proven. PlantTec Medical also conducts studies at the highest scientific level together with experts from various medical specialties to always ensure the efficacy and safety of our products.

RZ Medizintechnik

  • Country: Germany
  • Stand No.: 32

RZ Medizintechnik GmbH – Progress in Surgery. The family owned company was founded in 1994 by Rainer Zubrod in the world center of medical technology in Tuttlingen and is still managed by the Zubrod family. Our commitment is to provide medical devices in the highest quality from Tuttlingen and to give the surgeons for minimal invasive and open surgery the products they need. RZ is a respected and competent partner in the healthcare industry with a qualified team for all processes from the development to manufacturing, QM/RA and worldwide distribution.

Scivita Medical

  • Country: China
  • Stand No.: 13

Scivita Medical is a China-based medical device company with a global vision, focusing on the research, development and commercialization of medical endoscopes and relevant innovative products-Flexible Disposal Hysteroscope. We have built a comprehensive portfolio of products in Gynaecology. Leveraging our proprietary technologies and know-how accumulated through our extensive experience in the medical endoscope industry, we have developed a suite of endoscope products and product candidates with world-leading technical features.

Stryker European Operations Ltd.

  • Country: Ireland
  • Stand No.: 5

Stryker is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies and, together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better. We offer innovative products and services in Medical and Surgical, Neurotechnology, Orthopaedics and Spine that help improve patient and hospital outcomes.


  • Country: Ireland
  • Stand No.: 22

Teleflex is a global provider of medical technologies designed to improve the health and quality of people’s lives.
We apply purpose-driven innovation a relentless pursuit of identifying unmet clinical needs – to benefit patients and healthcare providers.
Teleflex offers a surgical portfolio of innovative products which drives improved patient outcomes in your gynaecological laparoscopy. From reducing invasiveness with our MiniLap® Percutaneous Surgical System, to safely closing port sites with Weck EFx® Shield™, we have a solution for you and your patients.

VirtaMed AG

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Stand No.: 31

VirtaMed is the world leader in surgical training solutions, including mixed reality simulators for minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in orthopedics, urology, ob/gyn and general surgery. Combining virtual reality graphics with original instruments and anatomic models for realistic tactile feedback into a fully immersive experience.

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