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Winners Programme

Winners Programme

The Winners Day is one of the important educational events of the Winners Project which takes place every year during the ESGE Annual Congress. This year the topic is “Beyond Surgical Skills”.

Surgery is made out of many factors among which surgical skills are just part. The human factor plays an important role in the good achievement of a surgical case. Intelligence, curiosity, imagination, creativity and courage are part of the qualities that a surgeon should have. The objective of this day is to identify the different human factor that can be identified in the genesis of a well done case or when a complication occurs.

The course will be made with partially unedited video cases, lectures and quiz sessions with detailed explanation of the correct answers.

Winners Day will take place on Sunday, 6th October from 08:45 – 17:30. Registration required.

To register for the Congress and Winners Day, please use the online registration form.

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